Man jailed 11 months for two separate attacks using knives

J.G. Vengatesh J. Ganesan was sentenced to jail for 11 months for knife attacks on two occasions.
J.G. Vengatesh J. Ganesan was sentenced to jail for 11 months for knife attacks on two occasions.PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

SINGAPORE - A man who told two groups of men to tone down so as not to disturb the neighbourhood was attacked by three men with knives, a court heard.

One of the assailants, J.G. Vengatesh J. Ganesan, 24, a Singapore permanent resident, was sentenced to 11 months' jail on Tuesday (June 28) after he admitted hurting Mr Sivakumar Rangannadan with instruments, as well as stabbing and slashing a bouncer with a Swiss army knife last year.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ho Lian-Yi said that on Sept 2 last year after midnight, Mr Sivakumar, then 41, was at a park near Block 810 in Yishun when he noticed a commotion between two groups of men.

He told them it was late and that the noise they were making would disturb the neighbourhood. Vengatesh, Vityaatharan, 21, and Vinishvaran Balakrishnan, 22, were from one group.

At about 1.30am, Mr Sivakumar noticed that Vityaatharan had a knife and decided to leave the scene. He crossed the road and went to the third floor of Block 827, Yishun Street 81.

The trio followed and later attacked him as he was walking down a flight of steps. Vityaatharan kicked Mr Sivakumar, who fell onto the ground. The trio then punched and kicked him.

During the assault, two knives were used. Mr Sivakumar suffered a cut on his right upper back. He also felt great pain in his left foot and could not get up as the trio continued to kick and punch him all over his head and body.

A passer-by saw the assault and shouted to the group who fled. He called the police.

The two accomplices have each been jailed 10 months for their role in the assault.

In Vengatesh's second case, DPP Ho said that, at about 4.30am on Dec 20, bouncer Khairul Izam A. Rahman, 26, was working at Rumours club at St James Power Station, Sentosa Gateway, when he saw Vengatesh, who had been banned from the club.

Two other bouncers were escorting him out when Vengatesh struggled. Mr Khairul and a fourth bouncer stepped in to help.

As Mr Khairul approached Vengatesh, he saw him take something out of his pocket, and pass it from his right to his left hand.

Suddenly, Vengatesh broke free and stabbed the victim on his right cheek. Mr Khairul punched him back. Vengatesh moved backwards and then stabbed the victim on the left cheek this time.

Undeterred by the other bouncers' attempts to stop his attack, Vengatesh continued to struggle before he swung at Mr Khairul again, slashing him on the side of his neck. He then punched him a few times on the nose.

Eventually, Mr Khairul managed to pin Vengatesh onto the ground. The police were called.

Vengatesh, who had a third charge considered, could have been jailed for up to seven years, fined, caned or received any combination on each charge. He had convictions for rioting and mischief.