Man arrested for allegedly posing as gynaecologist to get photos of victims' genitals

Investigators managed to establish the man's identity and arrested him on Nov 11, seizing his electronic devices as case exhibits. PHOTO: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

SINGAPORE - A man is believed to have posed as a gynaecologist to trick women into sending him photographs of their genitals.

The 36-year-old man has been arrested by the police for his suspected involvement in a series of such cheating cases.

In a release on Friday (Nov 12), the police said they received a report on July 24 that the man had pretended to be a gynaecologist from a hospital.

The man allegedly created a Facebook profile, pretending to be a gynaecologist, and invited a victim to join a purported campaign to raise awareness of women's health.

The police said he then asked the victim to send him photos of her genitals on the pretext of medical diagnosis and research.

Investigators managed to establish his identity and arrested him on Nov 11, seizing his electronic devices as case exhibits.

"Preliminary investigations revealed that the man is believed to be involved in other similar cheating cases," the police said.

"The police would like to warn members of the public that it is a serious offence to impersonate another individual and will not hesitate to take action against those who blatantly disregard the law."

The man is expected to be charged on Nov 13 with cheating by personation, which carries a jail term of up to five years and a fine.

Members of the public are advised to be wary of "friend" requests from unknown people who may be running scams.

They also should not accede to requests for personal information or compromising images, especially if such requests are from unknown people.

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