Man admits to offences including stabbing friend who had to have part of bowel surgically removed

SINGAPORE - A man used a parang to stab his older male friend in the abdomen after the victim, who had supported the offender financially, decided to end their friendship.

A district court heard on Thursday (Oct 28) that the pair also had an argument as the younger man, now 29, refused to be intimate with his HIV-positive friend.

After the attack, the 44-year-old victim was rushed to hospital and had to have a small part of his bowel surgically removed.

The Singaporean offender, who appeared in court via video-link, pleaded guilty on Thursday to 10 charges for offences including voluntarily causing grievous hurt with a weapon and multiple drug-related crimes.

He cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victim's identity.

The court heard that the two men lived together from May 2018 in a rental condominium unit.

Some time after 9pm on Aug 17, 2018, the younger man returned home with another male friend.

It was not stated what the pair did but the offender left the unit at around 5am the next day.

About two hours later, he had an argument via text messages with the victim as the older man was upset and wanted to end their friendship.

The older man left their home soon after and returned at around 11pm.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Theong Li Han said: "When he arrived at the unit, the accused confronted him at the door and placed the pointed edge of a parang knife on the left of the victim's neck.

"The accused asked the victim where he had gone. The accused and victim then got into a verbal dispute, during which the accused pointed the parang at the victim."

The pair also argued about the victim's HIV- positive status and the younger man's refusal to be intimate with him.

After about 10 minutes, the accused and the victim calmed down. The victim then went to a bedroom and fell asleep.

At around 4am on Aug 19, 2018, he woke up and noticed that the younger man was not in the bedroom. He also realised that his wallet, National Registration Identity Card and laptop were missing.

The DPP said: "The victim started panicking after he was unable to open the bedroom door as he assumed that it had been locked. The victim proceeded to kick the bedroom door while shouting the accused's name and accusing him of locking the door.

"There was no reply from the accused. Shortly thereafter, the accused opened the bedroom door while the victim was still standing behind the said door in the bedroom."

The younger man then used a parang to stab his friend's abdomen and the victim fell on the bed in pain.

The victim asked his attacker to call for an ambulance. The younger man did as he was told before leaving their home with the weapon.

The victim was taken to the Singapore General Hospital and was found to have penetrating injuries to his small bowel. A small segment of it was later surgically removed.

He recovered and was given 27 days of hospitalisation leave.

Besides this offence, the younger man also committed offences including methamphetamine possession and consumption.

He is expected to be sentenced on Dec 16.

Offenders convicted of voluntarily causing grievous hurt with a weapon can be jailed for up to 15 years and fined or caned.

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