Machete attacker faces jail, caning after target turns tables on him

SINGAPORE - A man who was unhappy with a fellow drinker after seeing him chatting to his girlfriend went to get a machete and attack him - but ended up being assaulted with his own weapon.

Mohammad Naseeruddin Allamdin, 35, confronted Mohd Hamdan Noordin, 43, in a carpark but the latter grabbed the weapon from him and left his assailant with serious injuries, including a broken skull.

Naseeruddin, 35, was sentenced to three years and four months' jail with six strokes of the cane on Tuesday (July 31). He pleaded guilty in May to one count each of causing hurt with a machete, being in possession of the weapon and an unrelated cheating offence.

Part of Hamdan's left earlobe was sliced off in the attack and needed reconstruction. He also suffered other injuries.

Hamdan, a chef, was jailed for six weeks on March 15 after pleading guilty to causing grievous hurt while under grave and sudden provocation.

The attack was sparked by an exchange at a bar at the Concorde Hotel Singapore in Orchard Road in the early hours of Jan 12, 2015.

Naseeruddin and his friends were drinking there while Hamdan's group was sitting nearby.

Naseeruddin and Muhammad Ajmain Ismaith, 33, saw Hamdan and Mr Muhammad Ridhuan Razali, 25, talking to Naseeruddin's girlfriend.

Both groups left the bar, with Hamdan and Mr Ridhuan heading to Spottiswoode Park in a car. Naseeruddin and Ajmain also went there in their own vehicle and armed themselves with a weapon each.

Naseeruddin and Ajmain then confronted Hamdan and Mr Ridhuan before attacking the pair. Hamdan managed to wrest away the machete and turned the tables on Naseeruddin. All four men fled the scene soon after.

Naseeruddin also admitted that he cheated HSBC in April 2014 and duped the bank into handing over $51,200 as a loan, using two forged documents.

Ajmain has not been dealt with in court.