Lorry driver gets 12 years' jail and caning for fatally stabbing ex-girlfriend

SINGAPORE - A lorry driver who violently stabbed his former girlfriend to death, after confronting her for moving on to another man, was on Tuesday sentenced to 12 years' jail and six strokes of the cane for culpable homicide.

The High Court heard that Xiao Guiliang, 31, and Ms Zhang Jie, 24, both Chinese nationals, broke up in February 2013 but continued to have sex and lived together for four months until she moved to a flat at a neighbouring block on June 30, 2013.

Seven days later, at about midnight, Xiao was filled with jealousy when he saw her outside Yew Tee MRT station holding the arm of a man. He asked the man what his relationship with Ms Zhang was, adding that he was her boyfriend for 31/2 years.

Xiao then gave her an ultimatum to collect all her things from his flat.

Ms Zhang came by with a friend, Ms Liu Jie, at about 2am. When they walked into Xiao's room to collect her belongings, he pushed Ms Liu out and locked himself and his ex-girlfriend inside.

Ms Zhang grabbed a knife to protect herself but the weapon was turned on her in the ensuing struggle as Xiao wrested the knife from her and stabbed her repeatedly, almost severing her windpipe.

Ms Liu called the police when the door opened and she saw Xiao's arms covered in blood and heard faint sounds of pain from Ms Zhang.

Ms Zhang suffered a total of 192 cuts and bruises on her head, neck, chest and limbs. Xiao also suffered multiple slash wounds on his chest and hands.

Xiao was found to be suffering from a major depressive disorder, which reduced his mental responsibility for the killing.


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