Little India riot: Two sentenced to jail for rioting

SINGAPORE - Two Indian nationals were on Tuesday sentenced to jail for their roles in the Little India riot on Dec 8, 2013.

Mohan Rajendran, 26, and Sivaraman Sathiyamoorthy, 27, received 27 and 25 months' imprisonment respectively.

They had earlier pleaded guilty to being members of unlawful assemblies, both of which aimed to commit mischief against the bus at the centre of the riot.

Both men had gotten involved in the riot while returning to their dormitories after drinks with friends, and ended up attacking the bus at different times.

Around 9.50pm, Sivaraman threw a stone and dustbin at the bus. He gestured violently at the bus timekeeper, who was in the vehicle, and also threw in an umbrella and an unidentified item through a broken window.

Despite knowing the timekeeper and others were inside the bus to seek refuge, he helped an unidentified member of the crowd to climb in. The timekeeper was assaulted and suffered several injuries.

Sivaraman's friend Moorthy Kabildev, 25, was with him at the time and had also taken part in attacking the bus. Moorthy was sentenced to two years in jail in June last year.

Around 10.50pm, Mohan tried to topple the bus by pushing it, and kicked it twice. He then threw several items, including a plastic crate, at it. Besides instigating others to take part in the attack, he also tried to set alight a piece of cardboard, and threw it into the bus. Mohan later again kicked the bus and tried to topple it.

Mohan and Sivaraman are the 23rd and 24th men, out of 25 charged, to be dealt with over the riot. They could each have been jailed for up to seven years and caned for rioting. Trial dates have been fixed in April for the last accused, 29-year-old Arun Kaliamurthy.

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