Jail for twins who gatecrashed wedding and stole from bride

Tiffany Kang (far left) was sentenced to 10 days in jail and her sister Tiziana got a five-day term.
Tiffany Kang (left) was sentenced to 10 days in jail and her sister Tiziana got a five-day term.ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

Two twin sisters gatecrashed a wedding banquet and repaid the happy couple by stealing a piece of luggage from the bride.

Tiffany and Tiziana Kang, 30, joined the celebrations at the Shin Yeh restaurant in Liang Court on Nov 19 last year, even though they had not been invited and did not know anyone there.

After enjoying the dinner, they were queueing to give their blessings to the couple - Mr Jamie Chew, 30, and Ms Tan Huiyan, 26 - when they passed a table where a groomsman was standing.

Tiffany lied to him that she had been instructed to collect a pink piece of luggage belonging to the bride. It contained items such as coffee mugs and pens, as well as a roll of film, worth a total of around $150.

Ms Tan later discovered that it had gone missing and that the twins were uninvited guests. She then found the sisters at Liang Court's taxi stand and confronted them.

Tiffany claimed that she thought the piece of luggage was a lost item, and then attempted to leave in a taxi, but she was stopped by Mr Chew.

Yesterday, she was sentenced to 10 days in jail and Tiziana, five days.

It was revealed in court that earlier on the day of the wedding, the twins had stolen three handbags and a wallet, worth a total of $640, from a Guess Accessories store in Bugis Junction. Despite the items having sensor tags attached, the twins somehow managed to sneak them out of the store.

In mitigation, it was revealed that the sisters were adopted as children and had a tumultuous relationship with their foster parents.

Both were also diagnosed with a psychiatric condition at age 13, although the nature of this condition was not revealed in court.

They had also had an argument with their family members on the day of the crime and left the house in a distressed state before they began their stealing spree.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Rachel Tan said that while the twins had a history of mental illness, their condition "did not contribute to the crime".

For theft, the duo could have faced up to seven years in jail and been liable to a fine.

Jan Lee

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