Jail for repeat offender who shouted vulgarities and insulted female cop

SINGAPORE - When police officers approached a man lying on the floor in Orchard Towers to check on him, he became aggressive and called a female officer a "whore".

He also said "I will rape you" in Malay to her.

Kamis Abdul Rahim, 65, was on Thursday sentenced to eight months' jail, with an additional enhanced sentence of 85 days' imprisonment for breaching the basic condition of his remission order.

His previous offences pertaining to the remission order included using criminal force on an auxiliary police officer and using profanities against public servants.

A remission order is issued to allow an inmate to spend a portion of the sentence outside of jail. If the person breaches the basic condition of the remission order, such as by committing an offence, the court may impose an enhanced jail term not exceeding the remaining duration of the remission order.

On Sept 20, three officers on patrol, including Sergeant Nurfasihah Syafiqah Abdul Samat, noticed Kamis lying on the floor of Level 2 in Orchard Towers. His head was bleeding and he reeked strongly of alcohol.

When the officers approached Kamis to assist him, he became aggressive and lunged at them.

When he continued to be rowdy despite repeated warnings to calm down, the officers pinned him to the floor.

Kasmis then uttered "you are a whore" and "I will rape you" in Malay to Sergeant Nurfasihah. He was later placed under arrest.

While being taken to the Police Cantonment Complex in a police car, Kasmis uttered "I will kill you" and "stupid police" to another officer. He also muttered vulgarities in Hokkien to the officer in the car.

Later that night, while he was at the regional lock-up at Police Cantonment Complex, Kamis uttered "I can kill you all" and vulgarities in Hokkien to a trainee officer.

Kamis, who pleaded guilty to three charges under the Protection from Harassment Act on Wednesday, has been in remand since Sept 22.

After Principal District Judge Jill Tan meted out the sentence, Kamis pleaded for a lighter sentence so he could care for his mother, whom he said is bedridden.

Judge Tan said she had considered his circumstances and given him a lighter sentence than the 10 to 12 months' jail that the prosecution was seeking.

She also noted that Kamis had re-offended while he was on remission and urged him to take some time to reflect on his actions.

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