Jail for chef who fractured his attacker's skull after wresting weapon away from him

Mohd Hamdan Noordin, 45, was jailed for six weeks on March 15, 2018, after pleading guilty to causing grievous hurt while under grave and sudden provocation. PHOTO: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

SINGAPORE - After wresting away a knife from one of his two attackers, a chef turned the tables on them and slashed the men.

As a result, Mohammad Naseeruddin Allamdin, 35, suffered injuries including skull fractures. The other assailant, Muhammad Ajmain Ismith, sustained multiple slash wounds all over including his scalp and right shoulder.

His age was not mentioned in court documents.

The chef Mohd Hamdan Noordin, 45, was jailed for six weeks on Thursday (March 15) after pleading guilty to causing grievous hurt to Naseeruddin while under grave and sudden provocation.

A similar charge involving Ajmain was taken into consideration during sentencing. The court heard that Naseeruddin's case is pending while Ajmain is still at large.

The incident was sparked by an exchange at an Orchard Road bar in the early hours of Jan 12, 2015.

Hamdan and his friends were having drinks there while Naseeruddin's group was sitting nearby.

While they were drinking, one of Hamdan's friends, Mr Muhammad Ridhuan Razali, started chatting with a woman who turned out to be Naseeruddin's girlfriend.

At around 4am, both groups left the bar with Hamdan and Mr Ridhuan heading to Spottiswoode Park in Mr Ridhuan's car.

Still unhappy, Naseeruddin and Ajmain decided to follow them in their own car.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tang Shangjun told the court that Naseeruddin had two knives in his car at that time. DPP Tang added: "He claimed to have enemies and he wanted to use the knives for his defence."

At Spottiswoode Park, the two armed men confronted Mr Ridhuan.

Naseeruddin then slashed Hamdan who was standing nearby. However, the chef managed to grab hold of the knife, the court heard.

DPP Tang told District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt: "Naseeruddin shouted 'potong' (cut in Malay) a second time, and this time, Ajmain joined in the attack on Hamdan, slashing him.

"Hamdan wrested the machete from Naseeruddin and began slashing wildly back at Naseeruddin, hitting Naseeruddin on multiple parts of his body. Shortly after, all the parties fled from the scene."

Hamdan's lawyer, Mr Mohamed Niroze Idroos pleaded for a two-week jail sentence and told Judge Chay that his client's life was threatened.

He also said that Hamdan suffered injuries including a cut earlobe.

For causing grievous hurt while under grave and sudden provocation, he could have been jailed for up to six years and fined up to $10,000.

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