Jail for attacking driver in road rage incident

A man was yesterday sentenced to two weeks' jail for a case of road rage that saw him attack another driver.

The court heard that service engineer Sim Han Min, 35, got out of his car to confront a driver travelling in the next lane. He spewed vulgarities at the driver, pushed him and hit him in the face. Two other offences - using criminal force and abusive words - were taken into consideration.

On Jan 5 last year, Sim was taking his wife to work in his Honda when Mr Kuek Chee Kiong, 47, passed his car in Rochor Canal Road. Mr Kuek, also taking his wife to work, was in the extreme right lane, with Sim in the adjacent lane.

Both stopped at a red light. Sim got out of his car to knock on the driver's window of Mr Kuek's car and said: "Hello, you know how to drive or not?" No mention was made in court of what Mr Kuek's vehicle did.

Mr Kuek alighted and Sim turned abusive. As the two were walking towards Sim's car, Sim pushed Mr Kuek on the arm, made a rude gesture and got back into his car.

Mr Kuek knocked on the driver's side window of Sim's car. Sim lowered his window and hit Mr Kuek on the right side of his face. He then got out of his car and pushed Mr Kuek on his arm. The dispute ended only after Mr Kuek's wife got out of the car to stop matters from worsening.

In delivering the sentence, District Judge Carol Ling said Sim "needlessly triggered" the incident and made it worse "with profanities and rude gestures".

For voluntarily causing hurt, Sim could have faced up to two years in jail, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.

Jan Lee

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