Jail, caning for man who sexually assaulted unconscious woman as another man was allegedly raping her

SINGAPORE - A 24-year-old woman, who was extremely drunk after a night out clubbing, was pulled into a car and fondled by three men in the vehicle as the group headed for a Pasir Ris chalet.

At the D'Resort @ Downtown East chalet, the unconscious woman was allegedly raped by one man and sexually assaulted by another, while a third man furtively filmed the attack on his phone.

On Wednesday (Aug 5), one of her assailants, Tay Boon Huat, 28, was sentenced to 10 years and three months' jail and five strokes of the cane.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual assault by penetration for forcing himself on the victim on the morning of Sept 17, 2018, as well as an unrelated charge of rioting.

Tay is the second man to be convicted for his role in the incident.

Last year, Gan Soon Chai, 35, who filmed the assault, was sentenced to 15 months' jail and a fine of $20,800.

The cases involving two others - Yap Chun Chieh, 40, who is accused of raping the victim, and Yong Chun Hong, 31, who is said to have fondled her - are still pending.

The High Court heard on Wednesday that Tay had booked the chalet for his friends.

After midnight on Sept 17, four of them travelled to Club V5 Tycoon at Ming Arcade in Cuscaden Road. They were Tay, Gan, Yong and Mr Yeo We Chieng, 40, who drove them there.


The woman arrived at about 3.35am with her friends, after having had drinks at another club, and proceeded to consume more alcohol.

At about 6am, Yong spent about 15 minutes alone with her in the toilet. He then passed her over to Yap, telling him to send her home by taxi.

Both Yong and Yap worked at the club as managers-cum-bouncers.

On the drive back to the chalet, the four men spotted Yap with the woman. Yong invited Yap to join them at the chalet and pulled the woman by her arm into the car.

Tay, who was the front passenger, stretched his hand to the back and touched the woman's breasts. Yap and Yong allegedly joined in.

During the journey, Yong questioned Yap on why he would turn down "free" sex.

The group arrived at the chalet at about 7.25am, and Mr Yeo soon fell asleep on one of the two queen-sized beds.

Yap allegedly raped the woman on the other bed.

At the same time, Tay laid down near the unresponsive victim, adjusted her head, and forced himself on her.

He then noticed Gan filming them and told him to stop. Tay later tried to delete the video but was unaware that the attempt failed.


Yap later took the woman to a budget hotel, and when she eventually woke up, she was startled to see the stranger next to her.

She went to the bathroom and realised her underwear was inside out.

They left the room together, and she paid for the room after Yap told her that it cost $70.

When she arrived home, she took a bath and threw away her underwear in disgust. She knew something had happened to her but did not know what to do.

That night, she returned to the club to talk to a friend about what happened and recognised Yap as the stranger.

Days later, she approached Yap, who admitted that he had sex with her at the chalet and apologised to her.

The woman later confided in her mother, who encouraged her to make a police report.