Graphic designer jailed 2 months for hurting woman

Kenneth Ng Teng Hng, 26, had grabbed his 23-year-old victim by the neck for no apparent reason, after following her into a lift.
Kenneth Ng Teng Hng, 26, had grabbed his 23-year-old victim by the neck for no apparent reason, after following her into a lift.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A graphic designer grabbed a woman by her neck repeatedly for no apparent reason.

The incident so scarred the victim, she has become fearful of taking the bus and lifts.

Her parents also have to wait for her when she works late.

On Tuesday (Nov 29), Kenneth Ng Teng Hng, 26, was jailed for two months after pleading guilty to two counts of causing hurt to a 23-year-old woman at a block of flats in Jalan Rumah Tinggi on March 12, 2016.

The victim had entered a lift at about 12.25am and Ng followed after. She was headed for the 18th storey and Ng, the 21st.

When the lift arrived at the 18th storey, the victim stepped out. Suddenly, Ng grabbed her across her neck tightly from the rear with his right arm and pulled her back into the lift. She was in pain as his forearm pressed tightly against her throat and jaw, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Chong.

The victim shouted and struggled by pushing him but could not break free of the neck-lock.

The lift door closed and continued ascending. He refused to let go of his grip and she continued struggling.

When the lift arrived at the 21st storey, both got out. The victim managed to push Ng away but in the process, dropped her mobile phone .

Ng tried to flee but could not find any staircase. So he ran back to the lift lobby where the victim was waiting to take the lift down.

At first he repeatedly apologised to her but then grabbed her neck tightly again using his right arm.

This time he pushed her head down so she would not be able to see his face. But she struggled and managed to break free by pushing him away.

He ran and took the lift down to the third storey while the victim went home and told her mother, who then called the police.

The victim sought medical attention for minor injuries to her neck and face.

Pleading for a lenient sentence, Ng, who was unrepresented, said he was deeply regretful of what he did, and for the stress and trauma caused to the victim and her family.

DPP Chong had sought a sentence of at least three months' jail, saying that this was a persistent attack on a young woman in a residential neighbourhood late at night.

Ng could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000 per charge.