Ex-policewoman jailed 2 weeks for maid abuse

SINGAPORE - A police sergeant repeatedly abused her domestic helper and assaulted the Indonesian woman just two weeks after she started working for the household.

On one occasion, Nazriah Md Isa, who was a policewoman for 21 years before she resigned, kicked the maid and spat at her face as she felt that the woman did not put away the groceries properly.

The following month, Nazriah flung a wooden toy block at the 36-year-old helper after she found an ant in her cup of drinking water.

The block struck the maid's forehead and she suffered a bruise.

Nazriah, 41, verbally abused the maid by calling her names such as "pig"and "prostitute", the court heard.

She also insulted the woman by telling her: "Your mother and father gave birth to a dog."

On Tuesday (Feb 18), the former policewoman was sentenced to two weeks' jail after pleading guilty to two assault charges.

District Judge Samuel Chua also ordered the Singaporean to give the maid $1,160 as compensation.

The maid, whose name has been redacted from court documents, started working at Nazriah's Serangoon North flat on Aug 28, 2018.

About two weeks later, she was helping Nazriah put away groceries when the older woman became angry as she felt that the maid "did not place the items... correctly".

She then kicked the maid's outer right calf and spat at her.

Nazriah assaulted the maid again on Oct 7 that year.

At around 10pm that day, the Indonesian poured a cup of water for Nazriah and served it to her in the living room.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kathy Chu said: "The accused called the victim back to the living room. She told the victim that there was an ant in the water and questioned the victim."

Nazriah then took a wooden toy block from the coffee table and threw it at the helper.

The block hit the maid on her forehead and Nazriah scolded her.

Police received a call the next day from a woman who said the maid had thrown pieces of paper with messages about the acts of abuse from the second-storey flat.

The authorities stepped in and the maid was taken to the Centre for Domestic Employees later that day.

She stayed there until she was hired by another employer in June last year.

For each count of assaulting the maid, Nazriah could have been jailed for up to three years and fined up to $7,500.

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