Elderly man given short detention order after injuring wife who refused to have sex with him

SINGAPORE - An elderly man was so infuriated by his 67-year-old wife's refusal to have sex with him, he pushed and injured her.

On Wednesday (July 25), Ang Boon Tiong, 76, was sentenced to a seven-day short detention order. Under the order, he will be behind bars for a short time, but will not have a criminal record after his release. 

As part of his sentence, Ang was also ordered to undergo day reporting for a year. Offenders given such an order have to go to a day reporting centre for monitoring, counselling and rehabilitation.

The court heard that Ang's wife, Madam Gan Choon Har, successfully applied for a personal protection order against him in 2010.

Ang pleaded guilty in May to one count each of assault and breaching the personal protection order, which was granted on May 27, 2010, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Kenneth Kee.

The incident occurred after an argument Ang had with Madam Gan at around 3pm on Nov 10, 2015. It was over the placement of some items he had gathered.

Seeing that the items were blocking her way in their home, Madam Gan moved them.

DPP Kee said: "Unhappy with the victim's actions, the accused started arguing with her... The accused grabbed and twisted the victim's left wrist forcefully, causing her to feel pain."

About an hour later, Ang wanted to have sex with his wife, but when she refused, he pushed her and she fell. Madam Gan then lodged a police report the next day.

Two days after the incident, she went to Bedok Polyclinic, where she was found to have bruises on both arms.

The couple had another dispute on Feb 3 last year after Madam Gan threw away a toy that Ang had found at a void deck.

He pushed a chair at his wife before pulling her away from a window when she started calling for help.

Madam Gan landed hard on her knees before falling backwards, hitting her back. She went to Bedok Polyclinic three days later and bruises were found on her lower back and left kneecap.

Ang, who is out on bail of $15,000, has been ordered to surrender himself at the State Courts on Aug 8 to begin serving his sentence.