E-scooter rider gets 10 weeks for punching pedestrian who suffered fractures

SINGAPORE - A man flew into a rage after he fell and damaged the strap of his e-scooter while trying to avoid a pedestrian.

Jonathan Mark Tan Wei Wen, 24, demanded compensation from Mr Joshua Shane Ng Cheng Wei, 29, but he refused to pay and instead walked away.

Tan caught up with him and punched his head, causing him to fall. He pinned down Mr Ng and continued hitting his head and face, despite intervention by passers-by.

Mr Ng suffered fractures in his nose and right eye socket.

On Monday (Dec 11), Tan was jailed 10 weeks for the assault.

The court heard that Mr Ng was walking along a zebra crossing near Block 110, Rivervale Walk at about 1am on March 19 when Tan, riding his e-scooter, came from behind and caused Mr Ng to move backwards into his path.

Tan swerved his e-scooter to avoid hitting Mr Ng, but fell and suffered abrasions on his leg.

When he saw that the strap of his e-scooter was damaged, he demanded that Mr Ng compensate him, but the latter walked away.

Tan punched his head, causing him to fall on the ground. He then pinned down the victim using his knee and continued to punch him and demand compensation. Mr Ng tried to escape but was punched several times on the head.

Two passers-by intervened when they saw Mr Ng bleeding in the nose and mouth but Tan continued with his assault.

Mr Ng eventually apologised and said he would pay for the damaged e-scooter. Tan remained at the scene till the police arrived.

A CT scan showed that Mr Ng had fractures on his nose and right eye socket. He had a mildly displaced right nasal bone and nasal septal fracture which did not result in any deformity. His total medical bill was at least $505. Tan had made partial restitution of $250 to him.

Tan's lawyer said that his client had been receiving counselling for anger management issues, and wants to move on with his life.

District Judge Olivia Low allowed Tan to start his sentence on Jan 3. He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000 for causing hurt.

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