Doctor accused of rape: Woman says alleged rape took place during medical examination

Wee Teong Boo pleaded not guilty to one count each of rape and molestation.
Wee Teong Boo pleaded not guilty to one count each of rape and molestation.ST PHOTO: LEE JIA WEN

SINGAPORE - A 23-year-old student who was seeing her regular general practitioner for gastric discomfort felt uneasy when he touched her genital area while examining her, the High Court heard on Monday (April 30), on the first day of the doctor's trial for rape and molestation.

A month later, she returned to the Bedok clinic to consult the doctor, Wee Teong Boo, for frequent urination and an itch in her genital area. As she lay on the examination table, she felt something "poke" her and was shocked when she realised that he was raping her.

Wee, 67,  has denied the allegations. He pleaded not guilty to one count each of rape and molestation on Monday.

The woman cannot be named due to a gag order.

Setting out the woman's account of the offences, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sharmila Sripathy-Shanaz told the court that the woman was a regular patient who began seeing Wee in November 2014 for gastric and acne issues.

The woman will testify that on Nov 25, 2015, she went to the clinic to consult Wee for gastric discomfort. She was told to lie down on the examination bed in the adjacent room for him to check her abdomen. Wee also told her to unzip her jeans and she complied, said the DPP.

During the examination, Wee stroked her genital area, said the DPP. The woman felt uneasy as she thought his actions were weird but did not voice her discomfort as she thought it was part of the medical examination as Wee was her doctor and she trusted him, said the DPP.


On Dec 30, 2015, at about 11.30pm, the woman returned to the clinic, complaining of frequent urination and an itch in her genital area. She also asked for her routine gastric medicine.

The DPP said as Wee began examining her lower abdomen, he pushed her shorts lower. Wee then rubbed her genital area, asking if that was the part she was talking about and she replied that it was, said the DPP.

Wee then told her to pull down her shorts and underwear so that he could check her genital area. She pulled her clothing to her thighs, but Wee proceeded to take them off completely, said the DPP.

The doctor then repositioned her such that he was between her legs, said the DPP.

The woman will testify that she heard the sound of a zipper, and after some more repositioning, she felt something "poke" her and saw Wee's body moving.

When she complained of pain, Wee repositioned her again. It was then that she saw him with his trousers unzipped and realised he was raping her, said the DPP.

In shock, she gestured Wee to stop. He let go of her, turned around, and she heard the sound of a zipper, said the DPP.

The woman quickly dressed and Wee spoke to her about the medicine he was prescribing her. At the clinic, she noticed she was bleeding after she went to the washroom.

After returning home, she took a shower and washed her genital area. She continued to notice bloodstains after using the toilet.

That night, she could not sleep.

The woman's mother will testify that she found her daughter tossing in bed in the early hours and eventually disclosed, in an agitated manner, what had happened at the clinic.

The student made a police report later that same morning.

A medical examination found two small superficial wounds in her genital area and a fresh hymenal tear. The woman was in such pain that the gynaecologist was unable to conduct further examinations with a medical tool.

The woman, who is now 26, started testifying behind closed doors.