Courts tighten verification measures

The State Courts have tightened verification measures since a man was found to have acted as bailor by using his brother's identity.

A spokesman declined to elaborate on what the measures are but said they will help to verify a potential bailor's identity "if there are reasons to doubt the authenticity of the information provided by him".

In what the courts called an "isolated case", Muhammad Redzuan Mohd Sabri, 28, impersonated his brother, Mr Mohammad Rizal Mohd Sabri, 27, in June 2014 to post bail for an accused person.

"The bail executive was induced into allowing him to post bail as his appearance resembled the photograph on the NRIC provided by him," said the spokesman.

"He was able to answer the questions posed by the bail executive, and he met the requirements to stand as a bailor."

Such questions may include asking his date of birth or address to check his ability to answer accurately.

Anyone wishing to post bail must produce his or her NRIC or passport for staff to verify their particulars as well.

Following police investigations, Redzuan was charged in court for cheating by impersonation and was convicted and sentenced in January 2015.

For this offence, along with others, including impersonating his younger sibling on other occasions to apply for jobs and failing to report for national service duties himself, he was jailed for a total of 17 months and fined $700.

Seow Bei Yi and Adrian Lim

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