Convicted stalker jailed again for continuing to harass victim

Tan Boon Wah was sentenced to nine months' jail for stalking, and 60 days' jail for the breach of the remission order.
Tan Boon Wah was sentenced to nine months' jail for stalking, and 60 days' jail for the breach of the remission order.ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - On the day he was released from prison for unlawfully stalking his ex-boyfriend, Tan Boon Wah went straight to the victim's home to stalk him again.

Tan, 27, loitered outside the 22-year-old's home for nearly two hours on Oct 1 last year. He also rang the doorbell, attempting to make contact with the victim.

The victim ignored him and called the police, who turned up and advised Tan to leave.

But the victim's parents spotted him loitering at a nearby staircase more than an hour later.

Investigation showed that on Nov 27, Tan was again found loitering at the 10th-floor staircase landing of the victim's block.

The victim, who had spotted him while walking home, immediately entered his unit and called the police. Tan rang the doorbell and left before police arrived.

On Dec 8, Tan was again spotted loitering near the victim's home.

The victim called the police but had to leave his home to attend to personal matters.

Tan followed him and kept trying to talk to the victim. He ignored Tan and tried to walk away quickly while telling him repeatedly not to follow him.

But Tan persisted and requested the victim to unblock him on various social media platforms and communication facilities.

After repeated appeals, Tan agreed to stop following the victim and walked off.

But he turned back moments later.

Tan repeated his request for the victim to unblock him. At this point, the victim told Tan not to come near him.

Police arrived moments later and arrested Tan.

Tan, who was jailed for six months in August last year for stalking the victim, had re-offended while on a remission order and therefore, breached a basic condition of his order.

Seeking a sentence of at least nine months' jail, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Jason Chua said Tan was undeterred by time spent in prison.

Tan persisted with his actions, even after he was charged in court. He even posted the victim's personal details and their intimate photographs on the Internet, said DPP Chua.

Labelling him a recalcitrant offender, the DPP said Tan had neither shown any regard for the law nor the harm he caused to the victim. He had promptly gone to the victim's home on the day he was released from prison.

By doing so, the DPP said Tan was making good on his previous threat to the victim.

He had in 2015 sent ominous messages to the victim, saying among other things that the victim was going to be "stuck with dealing with me for life", and he would find him wherever he was.

District Judge Kenneth Yap noted the extreme aggravating factors in this case and sentenced Tan to nine months' jail on Wednesday (May 17) for stalking, and 60 days' jail for the breach of the remission order.

Tan had admitted to two of three charges of unlawful stalking, which carries a fine of up to $5,000 and/or a jail term of up to 12 months each.

Tan was allowed to defer sentence until May 24, on condition that he was not to contact the victim nor post on social media or public platforms anything concerning the victim, who was in court.