Australian businessman jailed, fined for molesting bar assistant manager and assaulting police officer

SINGAPORE - An Australian businessman, who was drinking in a bar, molested its assistant manager when she told him to stop disturbing the other customers.

Scott Ingram Jones turned violent when police arrived, assaulting an officer and hurled obscenities at him.

Jones, 42, who is the managing director of a consulting firm, was sentenced on Monday (May 28) to three months' jail and fined $6,500 after pleading guilty to one count each of molestation, assaulting a policeman and using vulgarities on him.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sarah Ong told the court that Jones is based in Singapore after setting up a business here in 2016.

At around 5pm on Aug 17 last year, he went to the bar near River Valley Road with a friend and they downed two bottles of wine.

The DPP said Jones, who appeared to be tipsy, decided to stay behind after his friend left and began raising his voice inside the bar - disturbing the other patrons.

When he ordered another bottle of wine, the assistant manager told him that she would alert the police if he continued misbehaving.

Jones then squeezed her buttocks once as she turned to walk away.

The police were notified and several officers, including Special Constable Sergeant Zuo Zhuang, arrived on the scene.

DPP Ong said: "The accused tried to touch Sgt Zuo's utility belt which had, among other things, Sgt Zuo's T-baton and gun attached to it... but was warned not to do so. The accused also used his foot to tap Sgt Zuo's legs."

Jones lashed out at Sgt Zuo as he was about to be handcuffed and kicked the officer's left shin. He also abused him with vulgar language.

Three other officers stepped in after this and they escorted Jones to a nearby police car. The court heard that the Australian suddenly headbutted Sgt Zuo when he stood behind him.

Jones also continued berating the officers, using obscenities, as they drove him to Tanglin Police Divisional Headquarters. He did not stop the tirade even when they reached their destination.

Jones could have been jailed for up to two years and fined or caned for molesting the assistant manager. He could have been jailed for up to seven years and fined or caned for assaulting a policeman.