4 weeks' jail for sales exec who attacked cabby

A sales executive who punched a taxi driver repeatedly in the head inside his cab in a road rage incident was jailed for four weeks yesterday.

James Lek Yong Sheng, 26, admitted to hurting Mr Albert Sim Ee Meng, 49, in Woodlands Street 11 at about 2.15am on Oct 16 last year.

The sales executive had gone to Neverland disco for a few beers before driving home at about 2am that day.

Shortly before 2.15am, he was about to make a right turn along Woodlands Avenue 3 when Mr Sim tried to filter into his lane.

He sounded his horn at Mr Sim and sped forward to prevent the taxi from doing so.

As he drove past the taxi, he made a rude gesture at the driver.

At a traffic light junction later, Mr Sim wound down his window and asked Lek what he was gesturing about.

Lek got out of his car and swore at Mr Sim, who drove off when the traffic light turned green. Lek got into his car and chased after the taxi.

Subsequently, Mr Sim stopped his taxi in Woodlands Street 11 to allow his passenger to alight .

Lek also stopped his car, got out and boarded Mr Sim's taxi. He then started punching the cabby on the left side of his head.

Mr Sim drove to Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre even as Lek continued to punch the back of his head.

Lek was arrested at the NPC.

He paid Mr Sim $358 for the medical fees incurred. He told the court that he was emotionally unstable at the time as he was no longer with his wife.

District Judge Kessler Soh told the father of two he hoped he had learnt his lesson, and that he must exercise more restraint in future.

Lek could have been jailed for up to two years and fined up to $5,000 for causing hurt.

Elena Chong

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