36 women arrested in raid on Jalan Besar Road hotel over vice-related activities

SINGAPORE - The police have arrested 36 women for their suspected involvement in vice-related activities.

The women, aged between 21 and 38, were arrested after a raid at a hotel in Jalan Besar Road on Tuesday (Sept 26) by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the police's central division.

In a statement on Friday, police said the women have valid social visit passes and allegedly stayed in Singapore to commit vice-related offences.

Police also said that initial investigations showed that a vice syndicate had been advertising the sexual services of women on different vice websites and online platforms such as WeChat.

The police added that they will "continue to take tough enforcement action against those involved in syndicated vice activities".

A person who is a tenant, lessee, occupier or in charge of a place used as a brothel, or is involved in the management of a brothel, can be fined up to $10,000, or jailed for up to five years, or both, if convicted.

A person who knowingly lives on the earnings of a prostitute can be jailed for up to five years and fined up to $10,000.