33 days' jail for dentist who verbally abused police officers and struck one of them

Felicia Lee Ziying taunted police officers when she was arrested. ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

SINGAPORE - While drunk, a dentist not only hurled vulgarities at police officers, but also struck one of them in the arm.

Felicia Lee Ziying, 31, even taunted them when she was subsequently arrested, saying that she was "oh, so scared".

Lee was sentenced on Friday (June 26) to jail for 33 days for using abusive words on two police officers and also criminal force on one of them.

She had pleaded guilty on Monday (June 22) to her offences, which she committed in 2018.

Three other charges - two relating to using criminal force and one relating to being drunk in public places - were taken into consideration by District Judge Luke Tan during sentencing.

Lee had visited the Esso petrol kiosk located at Block 174 Holland Road on the morning of Aug 7, 2018.

She shouted at two kiosk attendants, who were unsuccessful at calming her down. One of them then called the police.

When five police officers arrived at the scene, they found Lee running after the attendants. The court heard earlier that Lee was drunk and smelt of alcohol at that time.

One of the officers, Inspector Abdul Hadi Abdul Halim, then contacted Lee's father, Mr Lee Thian See, for help.

Mr Lee subsequently arrived at the petrol kiosk but could not persuade his daughter, who was shouting and gesticulating at the officers, to return home. He tried to pull her away, but she struggled against his grip.

Seeing that Mr Lee was having difficulties calming his daughter down, one of the police officers stepped in to help. Lee turned around and hurled a vulgarity at the officer.

She subsequently attempted to open the door of a police vehicle, mistaking it for her own, but was stopped by three officers. However, she continued to demand for the vehicle's door to be opened.

At that point, Insp Abdul Hadi intervened and warned Lee to stop. In response, the dentist launched a tirade of expletives against the officer.

She then swung her right arm above her head and struck him on the arm.

Lee was later arrested. While being restrained, she taunted the officers, saying that she was "oh, so scared".

In her written submissions, Deputy Public Prosecutor Phoebe Leau said that Lee had no reason to use profanity on the officers, or taunt and ridicule them the way she did.

"Her overall conduct evinces a high degree of contempt and defiance of the police," the DPP added.

Lee, whose primary place of practice is listed on the Singapore Dental Council's website as Q&M Dental Surgery (Clementi), will begin serving her jail term on July 6.

For each charge of using criminal force on a public servant, she could have been jailed for up to four years and fined.

She could also have been jailed for up to a year and fined up to $5,000 for using abusive words on a public servant.

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