22 years' jail, 24 strokes of the cane for 20-year-old sex offender who preyed on 19 victims

Muhammad Anddy Faizul Mohamed Eskah befriended his victims online and obtained compromising photos and videos of them. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

SINGAPORE - A 20-year-old serial sex predator, who was between 15 and 18 years old when he committed a slew of offences against 19 girls and young women, was sentenced to 22 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane on Friday (June 12).

Most of the victims were minors - one of whom became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter - in what a High Court judge said was "one of the most shocking and horrifying" cases of sexual crimes to come before the court.

Muhammad Anddy Faizul Mohamed Eskah befriended his victims online and obtained compromising photos and videos of them, which he then used as leverage to force them into submission.

The ITE College East student also pretended to be recruiting social escorts and deceived unsuspecting victims into complying with his sexual demands by masquerading as a client.

Nine of his victims ended up being raped, sodomised or forced to perform oral sex on him at places including his Bedok North flat, staircase landings and the fitting room of a department store.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of rape and five counts of sexual assault by penetration. Another 59 charges for sexual offences, criminal intimidation and extortion were taken into consideration.

In sentencing, Justice Chan Seng Onn told Anddy Faizul, who turns 21 next month, that he has serious problems controlling his sexual urges and in his attitudes towards females.

The judge urged the youth, who will be in his 30s when he is released after taking into account the one-third remission for good behaviour, to seek professional help in prison.

"If you continue on your sexual crime sprees, you are going to spend your whole life in prison. Is it worth it?"

Anddy Faizul was first investigated in 2015 for committing sexual offences against two minors.

He befriended one of them, then 13, on Facebook and she agreed to meet him for sex in July 2015.

Two months later, he met the girl at a staircase landing but she did not want to have sex with him again.

Despite her protests, he sodomised her while covering her mouth to muffle her screams.

During the attack, she suffered scratches on her elbows as she tried to crawl away.

The girl's mother made a police report three days later.

Meanwhile, more reports of sexual offences against him surfaced. By the time he was arrested on May 9, 2016, he had committed offences against at least nine victims.

One of them was an 18-year-old girl with mild intellectual disabilities.

He sodomised her after tricking her into his flat by offering to pay her $250 for 10 minutes of work as a salesgirl.

When she said she would make a police report against him, he grabbed her neck in a chokehold and forced her to unlock her mobile phone so that she could delete their text message exchange.

He also raped two victims, a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old, after blackmailing them with their nude photos.

After he was released on bail on Aug 10, 2016, he embarked on a fresh crime spree against 10 more victims, with a new modus operandi.

On Aug 4, 2017, he approached a 17-year-old on Facebook, identifying himself as a law student and offered to pay her $2,500 for each social escort assignment.

She made it clear that she would not provide sexual services and he assured her she merely had to accompany clients for movies and meals.

A week later, he texted her to meet a client.

The next day, he showed up to meet her, covered her face with a jacket and led her to a staircase landing, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him, raped and sodomised her. He also stole $50 from her.

After the encounter, the girl contacted him to ask for payment, unaware that he was the person who sexually attacked her.

On Aug 20 2017, he contacted her to meet the "client" again and promised to pay her for both assignments. She blindfolded herself as instructed and showed up at the meeting point.

She told him that she just wanted to collect her money and but he assaulted her again.

Two days later, he made her transfer $700 to him before he would release her payment.

On the same day, he was arrested by the police in an ambush near his flat and has been remanded in custody since then.

Two separate psychiatric assessments, in 2017 and 2019, concluded that he has anti-social personality disorder and posed a high risk of reoffending.

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