Life after NS: How to get $1 million in insurance protection

Is your son in NS? There’s a financial plan that gives him affordable coverage up to the age of 70

NSmen can continue and enhance their insurance cover – even when they are no longer in active full-time service – at very affordable premiums through the Voluntary Scheme. IMAGE: SPH MEDIA

You may know that your son is covered by some form of insurance while he’s serving his National Service (NS), but chances are, he hasn’t told you that he can actually extend that coverage till he’s 70 and be covered for up to $1 million! Who can blame him; between IPPT training, area cleaning and tekan sessions, he probably has more pressing matters on his mind.

Ever wondered what Kumar was like in NS? Watch the video below.

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Basic Cover – the Core Scheme

Since July 2016, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Home Team have provided all full-time national servicemen (NSFs) and operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen) with free group term life and group personal accident insurance cover, as long as they are on official duties.

All NSFs and NSmen will automatically receive S$150,000 of Group Term Life and S$150,000 of Group Personal Accident coverage under what is known as the Core Scheme. The Group Term Life insurance covers insured members in the event of death and total disability as long as they are in service. Meanwhile, the Group Personal Accident policy also covers death and total and permanent disability, but also dismemberment and injuries such as burns or fractures. Pre-existing medical conditions are covered under the Core Scheme.

Apart from NSFs and NSmen, Regulars and NS volunteers will also enjoy the same coverage during their period of service. This group insurance coverage is underwritten by leading insurer Singlife with Aviva.

Extending coverage up to age 70 – The Voluntary Scheme

The good news is that NSmen can continue with the cover – and even enhance their protection – when they are no longer in active full-time service, or employment as a Regular. They can do this by buying additional insurance cover at very affordable premiums through the Voluntary Scheme. The main plans that can be bought are similar to the Core Scheme: Group Term Life and Group Personal Accident.

The Voluntary Scheme was designed to provide long-term affordable protection for NSFs, NSmen, as well as their family members. For just S$1 per month, they can be covered for S$100,000 under the group personal accident coverage, and S$4.101 per month for S$100,000 under the group term life insurance. There is also no underwriting required for the first S$250,000 sum assured for the group term life insurance, and no underwriting required for the group personal accident plan. These plans are portable, that is. They carry on even if the insured leaves the service.

For Group Term Life, you can even extend your coverage to a whopping $1 million for $1.372 a day. Meanwhile, the Group Personal Accident policy allows you to purchase coverage of up to S$600,000. The premiums for these policies are also fixed up to age 65, which means that you pay the same amount upon renewal every year until you’re 65. 

What’s more, insured members’ spouses and children can also be covered at the same rate. The spouse can choose to carry on with the plan in the event of the member’s death.

Not too late to sign up

Don’t worry if your son has completed his full-time National Service and neglected to extend his coverage. NSmen can still sign up for these Voluntary Schemes even after they have ORD-ed, before they reach the Statutory Age for NS Liability; which is 40 years of age for Non-Officers, or WOSES (Warrant Officers, Specialists and Enlistees), and 50 years of age for Officers.

Beyond the comprehensive coverage, there are also attractive perks on offer for those who sign up. For instance, Voluntary Scheme members can enjoy discounts on Singlife’s general insurance plans like car, travel and home insurance. Discounts can be as high as 56 per cent, and insured members’ immediate family members – spouse, children, parents and siblings – can enjoy the same privileges.

Whether your son is serving his NS with MINDEF or, MHA, the Group Term Life Insurance is an attractive and affordable option for people like him; those who are young and making financial plans for the first time. It is a protection plan that he can build on as he crosses certain life stages after his “ORD loh” cheer – whether it’s getting into university or starting a career – without breaking the bank. He can also buy riders to cover Critical Illness, which are more affordable when one is younger.

You should be proud that your son is serving his duty protecting the nation, but there’s no reason why he shouldn’t start planning for life after NS.


To find out more about MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance Scheme, click here.

In partnership with Singlife with Aviva.


1For an Insured Person, aged 65 and below.

2Premium shown is based on monthly rate (rounding off to the nearest cent) for an Insured Person, aged 65 and below at next birthday.

- All ages mentioned refers to age next birthday (excluding Statutory Age for NS liability).

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