Maximising space in a tight, black-on-black apartment with clever furniture design

This bachelor used smart designs from KING’s living, home office and bedroom range to complement his lifestyle needs in his new 721 sq ft apartment

Homeowner Louie Tan made use of smart space-saving furniture from KING to help him maximise space and create a relaxed, cosy ambience in a monochromatic design. PHOTO: VIDEOAD+

Ask any homeowner and most will tell you that their favourite piece of furniture in the house is the ubiquitous sofa. After all, few can resist lounging on a sofa to binge-watch the latest drama on Netflix, or to catch 40 winks after back-to-back virtual meetings.

Homeowner Louie Tan, who moved into his new two-bedroom condominium after the circuit breaker period, agrees. The bachelor has complemented his living space with an iconic sofa from KING, together with several other furniture pieces.

A modular sofa for different settings

For him, a day of lounging or having a few friends over is part of his lifestyle. His Felix Studio Sofa Bed from KING is the main source of relaxation and entertainment. Framed as the living room centrepiece, the sofa also blends perfectly with a full-length black painting and an off-white rug.

KING's Felix Sofa Bed is engineered for premium comfort, while providing innovative storage systems to help maximise your living room space. PHOTO: VIDEOAD+

The Felix sofa is a versatile accessory. With the touch of a button to activate TouchGlide® Control Technology, the seat and chaise can be extended for a more relaxed lounging position. Both can also be retracted to maximise space when not in use.

A self-professed tech junkie, Mr Tan customised his sofa by integrating smart accessories such as a smart LED Reading Light with 360 degree rotation, which allows him to read magazines or catch up on work using his tablet.

He also installed swivel tables on the sofa arms, so they transform into an easily accessible table for drinks and a charging station for his mobile devices.

When not in use, these additional accessories can be neatly tucked within the sofa unit so they do not take up additional space.

For bigger families, KING's range offers options such as the signature Jasper sofa. Featuring both comfort and practicality, it is available in multiple sizes and can be configured into different settings - whether you're looking to furnish a small sitting room or a spacious sitting lounge.

Its modular nature allows the backrests and armrests to be easily removed and swapped to create different seating configurations for the same sofa. It can be arranged as an L-shaped sofa, or split into sections for a party-friendly set-up.

The Jasper Metro, a compact version of the Jasper sofa, can also easily transform from an L-shaped sofa into a cosy bed for two.

The steel frames KING uses are made from high-grade steel that provides a strong foundation for each sofa. PHOTO: KING

KING's sofas are fitted with a high-grade, precision-cut steel frame welded into the sofas for durability. Backed by a 25-year steel frame warranty, the solid structure offers a strong foundation to the sofa while providing users with flexibility to suit their various lifestyle needs.

Distinctive bedroom furniture that maximises space

For a good night's sleep, Mr Tan relies on his Promenade bed from KING.

The black bedhead provides the perfect contrast with his white bedroom walls, while its complementary upholstery bed base exudes timeless elegance. Hanging a contemporary art painting above the bed has helped Mr Tan achieve the modern, minimalist look he wanted.

With its ample storage space under the mattress and easy-to-lift hydraulic system, the Promenade bed keeps the bedroom uncluttered and minimalistic.

With a plush upholstered bedhead to provide luxurious support while lounging in bed and generous storage compartments, KING's Promenade bed is fit for a king. PHOTO: VIDEOAD+

Similar options include KING's classic Neo bed and the luxurious Jasper bed.

Those looking to match their bedroom furniture with their interiors can opt for the former. Fitted with timber veneer legs, it comes in a range of quality timber finishes: walnut, a light tan hue; wenge, a deep rich brown tone; or congo, a classic black timber.

Meanwhile, the Jasper bed is designed to be the focal point of any bedroom, as its low, wide border is part of a sleek design that maximises your sleeping space. Its gesture control bedside lighting - the Lume Light - and wireless charging capabilities allow you to read in bed, while keeping your favourite items close at hand yet discreetly tucked away in one of the integrated timber side tables with hidden storage.

The ETO desk is a slim, integrated unit that seamlessly combines storage, smart lighting and wireless charging options into its design. PHOTO: VIDEOAD+

Get up to speed in your home office

Rounding off Mr Tan's selection of KING furniture pieces is his ETO desk. Since he now spends more time working from home, he decided to make the upgrade.

Spacious and unique, the stylish collaboration between award-winning furniture designer Tom Fereday and KING integrates side table, smart lighting and wireless charging just like the Felix sofa, keeping the overall look in his home office sleek and streamlined.

Browse an award-winning range of sofas and other designer furniture, such as beds, dining, and outdoor furniture and storage, at the KING showroom. PHOTO: KING

Helping homeowners achieve simplicity with timeless design

Since 1977, KING has been at the forefront of Australian furniture design as it carves a reputation out of designing and manufacturing contemporary, award-winning furniture that's made to last.

KING's furniture is designed for those who want more than a sofa, lounge, or bed. By offering true modular flexibility and smart technology as a function, instead of a fad, its made-to-order furniture simplifies our lives and makes daily home living seem like a breeze.

Visit its showroom at 22 Kallang Avenue, #01-00 Hong Aik Building, Singapore 339413 or click here to discover more shopping options.

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