Certis Cisco's upgraded shooting range boasts simulator to train officers in different scenarios

Certis Cisco officers at its upgraded indoor shooting range.
Certis Cisco officers at its upgraded indoor shooting range.ST PHOTO: ARIFFIN JAMAR

SINGAPORE - Certis Cisco has upgraded its indoor shooting range, which houses automated targeting systems aimed at enhancing the shooting proficiencies of their officers.

The range, which officially re-opened last week, now features a portable small arms training simulator. The simulator is able to screen footage of various scenarios, so as to train the officers to react to various situations and exercise their decision-making skills.

In addition, the improved facility has also reduced the officers' average shooting time by more than 25 per cent, down from 40-45 minutes previously.

The shooting range, which caters to both Certis Cisco officers and commercial clients, also has a night mode. The room will be dimmed to simulate low-light settings. This enables users to practise shooting at any time of the day, instead of having to conduct the session at an outdoor range at night.

The range is able to accommodate some 3,000 officers a month, comprising both trainees and full-time auxiliary police officers returning from training.

The Straits Times understands there are at least three shooting ranges  in Singapore. These include the Jalan Afifi Certis Cisco facility, Home Team Academy, and the Multi-Mission Range Complex.

Said Mr Vijayakumar PT, vice-president and head of Certis Cisco Academy: "The newly upgraded range allows us to be more efficient in terms of training time. This increases the officers' productivity, and they're happier."