Car narrowly avoids collision after running the red light at Alexandra Road

The car was stationary while the traffic light was green.
The car was stationary while the traffic light was green.PHOTO: EDDIE TAN/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - A car was filmed beating the red light at the junction of Alexandra Road and Leng Kee Road, moments after he was approached by two men for not moving while the light was green.

Facebook user Eddie Tan, 32, posted two dashcam videos of a white BMW's erratic driving along Alexandra Road on Friday evening (May 10).

The white car was stationary while the traffic light was green, and did not move despite the flowing traffic on the lanes next to it.

Mr Tan and his friend can be seen approaching the white car and speaking to its driver briefly before the car moved off while the traffic light was red.

Fortunately, despite traffic coming from different directions, the white BMW did not collide with any vehicle.

Mr Tan told The Straits Times that he sounded his horn several times before approaching the driver of the white BMW.

"When he wound down his window, I could smell alcohol. He looked drunk," Mr Tan said, adding that the driver's face was flushed.


The driver, who looked about 40, then wound up his window and drove off when asked if he was driving under the influence of alcohol, Mr Tan added.

The videos were shared on Saturday morning on Facebook page, where several netizens commented that the owner of the videos should make a police report.

Several others commented that there was no flash from the red light camera.

Mr Tan told ST he made a police report about the incident on Saturday.

The police confirmed a report has been lodged and they are investigating.