Business professionals facing more stress now than five years ago, survey claims

SINGAPORE - More than half of senior managers and business owners here and overseas are feeling under greater stress now than they were five years ago, a survey claims.

Fifty-five per cent in Singapore and 53 per cent globally say they are under more pressure, according to research results released on Thursday.

Common stressful situations encountered here were accommodating last minute changes to meetings, which 75 per cent of respondents here found stressful, and working outside of office hours, which affected 73 per cent.

Some 44 per cent were stressed by the commute to work.

Globally, lack of exercise, unreliable IT and feeling understaffed were the most common triggers of workplace stress.

On the other hand, having the flexibility to work away from the office or going freelance were some of the lifestyles professionals thought were less stressful.

Workplace provider Regus conducted the survey of over 22,000 workers globally, of which 292 were in Singapore, in July last year.

Regus Singapore country manager Paul MacAndrew said: "With a significant percentage of business people believing that flexible and freelance workers enjoy a better work-life balance, offering options for flexible working can help to keep the workforce both productive and happy."

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