Budget 2019: How do Budget measures affect Singaporeans?

See how Budget measures have helped various Singaporeans – from baby Hakim and newly-weds Jiansheng and Huiling to Lizzy, who has special needs, and her Pioneer Generation parents.

SINGAPORE - Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat will deliver the Budget statement on Feb 18,  his fourth since taking over the portfolio.

The upcoming Budget will focus on Singapore's growing needs in education, healthcare, security and defence. Another priority will be to help Singaporeans grapple with significant changes taking place in the global economy and make use of opportunities, especially with technology, Mr Heng had said earlier.


How does the Budget affect Singaporeans? Watch this video, The Singapore Budget: Stages Of Life, and find out how various measures announced over the years have had an impact on Singaporeans during the different stages of their lives.