Bridget’s Adventures: Flying high skydiving indoors at iFly

At iFly Singapore, flying is easy. The hard part is staying down and not crashing into walls as Straits Times’ journalist Bridget Tan finds out the hard way.
SINGAPORE - The first time I stepped into the wind tunnel, I was blown away.
For 4½ minutes, I was tossed around like a rag doll, alternating between hitting the wall around me and landing on the mesh below.
I was definitely not off to a flying start learning how to do indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore in Sentosa.
The facility, which opened in May 2011, has a five-storey tunnel with winds blowing at up to 180kmh to simulate skydiving.
My second and third "flights" turned out much better.
I remembered to keep my chin up, just like what the introduction video and my instructor said I should always do. With my chin up, I was able to keep my body in the right position, and this prevented the wind from pushing me all over the place.
When it was time for the challenge, I was not sure if my tired body and bruised ego could pull me through.
So I was pleasantly surprised when, at the command of my instructor Kumaresan Jayakrishnan, 31, I could let the wind take me up and then somehow I managed to float down.
While I was doing all that, his voice kept ringing in my head: "Relax and have fun."
I guess when your body is that exhausted, you have no choice but to relax. And get a sassy windswept hairdo while you’re at it. 
For beginners, iFly Singapore recommends the $119 package which includes two 45-second skydives.