Berita Harian unveils new-look mobile-friendly website and launches e-newsletter

Berita Harian unveiled a new look for its website and e-newsletter on Thursday.

The revamp is part of the paper's strategy to continuously inject freshness into all of its digital products. The paper's mobile apps underwent an overhaul and went native in March last year.

This time round, Berita Harian introduced a clean, modular website and a simple e-newsletter delivered at 6pm, where all content will be displayed to fit all platforms including mobile devices.

Berita Harian digital editor Puad Ibrahim said the objective is to let readers enjoy reading its content seamlessly.

He added: "Our concept is 'simplicity', which means we do away with intricate design and go for little touches and well-spaced text. The new design ensures that readers do not need to pinch out or zoom in to read what's on screen.

"We also make sure that all of our digital platforms are responsive and news, efficiently served."

While paid subscribers may be able to enjoy reading premium articles in PDF or HTML5 format, non-subscribers will get to read breaking news in its entirety and four paragraphs of paid content.