Beach Road slashing: How the attack unfolded

An image from the Internet shows the slashing suspect in a standoff with members of the public. PHOTO: INTERNET

SINGAPORE - A man who allegedly tried to kill a woman in Beach Road on Thursday (April 14) afternoon has been arrested.

The man, 46, is believed to be the woman's husband, and he may have used more than one weapon. The woman tried to get away from him by hiding in a hotel lift lobby.

Here's how the attack unfolded.

1. Mr Leonard Shi, owner of Samurai BBQ in Liang Seah Street, goes to the back of his restaurant to smoke. He hears something metallic hitting the ground. A woman then screams in pain. Mr Shi walks down the 5m-wide alley to the rear of Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat restaurant, which is about 50m away.

2. He sees a woman bleeding on the ground, and a man armed with a sharp object confronting her. The man drops the metallic object and walks into the steamboat restaurant. The woman stands up and runs to Liang Seah Street.

3. Still heavily bleeding, she falls behind a car and sits on the kerb. She appears dazed. Restaurant workers realise something terrible has happened and start to investigate.

4. The assailant walks up to her and starts slashing her again. Restaurant workers, including Mr Shi, swing into action. They yell at him and pick up plastic chairs, bins, a ladder and metal signposts and fling the items at the man. About 10 workers, including two air-con technicians, are involved.

5. They stop the attack and the man retreats to Beach Road.

6. The victim, who has multiple slash wounds, walks into the lift lobby at Hotel Calmo Bugis, which is in Beach Road, to hide from the assailant. The hotel is next to Zhong Hua Steamboat.

7. The attacker walks along Liang Seah Street, seemingly searching for the woman. He is armed with a chopper.

8. The restaurant workers continue to confront him, and hurl items at the man.

9. The attacker is unable to locate the victim and returns to the alley behind Zhong Hua Steamboat. He starts to cut his own wrists and neck.

SPH Brightcove Video
A restaurant owner and his employee give their first-hand account of how they confronted a man who allegedly attacked his wife with a chopper outside a restaurant in Beach Road. They were among others who swung into action to stop the man.

10. The restaurant workers continue their confrontation and the man re-enters Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat restaurant through a back door.

11. Police officers confront him at the front of the restaurant. With their Tasers drawn, two of them warn the man to drop his weapon. Restaurant workers yell at him in Mandarin to surrender.

Mr Leonard Shi (right) helped ward off the assailant using a metal signpost. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM SOCIAL MEDIA

12. Officers fire a Taser and he falls to the ground. They move in and subdue him quickly.

13. An ambulance rushes the injured woman to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. About 15 minutes later, the man is taken by ambulance to the same hospital.

Police officers confronting the man at the front of the restaurant. PHOTO: VIVIANPAN/FACEBOOK

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