Army launches new armoured combat support vehicle

SINGAPORE - A new army combat support vehicle that provides motorised infantry with improved firepower, protection and communication abilities was launched on Friday (Nov 25).

The Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle (PCSV) features a 7.62mm Remote Machine Gun (RMG), which is operated from within the vehicle to shield soldiers from hostile fire, and can support a payload of up to 4,000kg.

It is also equipped with systems that are connected to the Army Battlefield Internet, which facilitates communication among land forces.

The Belrex PCSV suite of armoured vehicles, which can protect against small arms fire and mines, will replace most of the unarmoured five-tonne trucks and MB290 vehicles used by the army's combat support and combat service support soldiers in the motorised force.

It features 10 variants configured to suit different combat support functions, including a medical variant with an attached Battalion Casualty Station, and a fuel variant that can refuel two vehicles at a time.

The Belrex platform was developed for the SAF by the Defence Science and Technology Agency and ST Kinetics.

Second Minister for Defence Ong Ye Kung officiated at the commissioning ceremony of the Belrex PCSV at the Safti Military Institute Live Firing Area on Friday, where he viewed a demonstration of the vehicle's capabilities, drove the armoured vehicle and took a turn at firing its RMG.

Mr Ong, who is also Education Minister (Higher Education and Skills), describedthe commissioning of the Belrex PCSV as a milestone in the army's motorisation efforts.

"With the Belrex platform, our infantry forces will be more effective, and can better adapt to the changing nature of the modern battlefield," he said.

The introduction of the Belrex PCSV follows that of other vehicles such as the Peacekeeper Protected Response Vehicle and Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle, as part of the army's ongoing Third Generation transformation efforts.