Another waste water leak at Jem shopping mall

Escalators between the second and third floors of Jem shopping mall were shut due to leak on March 11, 2016.
Escalators between the second and third floors of Jem shopping mall were shut due to leak on March 11, 2016.PHOTO: GAN WEI'EN

SINGAPORE - There was another leak at Jurong East mall Jem on Friday evening, a Straits Times reader reported.

Mr Gan Wei'En, a 35-year-old civil servant, spotted a cordon on level three of the mall around the IndoBox restaurant at around 8pm.

He then saw that water had leaked onto the entire floor of the restaurant.

Cleaners and mall employees were "frantically trying to suck up water with cleaning equipment and pushing water inwards to prevent water seeping into nearby escalators", Mr Gan told The Straits Times.

The water smelt like "kitchen waste", he claimed.

He described the odour as having the "clear smell" of sewage, but "not too pungent".

At about 8.30pm, the leak appeared to have spread, as an escalator near the restaurant that linked the second and third floor was shut.


Mr Gan said that the second-floor ceiling there seem "sagged" with waste water, and the water leaked "into the lighting".

A cleaner tried to stop him from taking photos, but Mr Gan said he ignored him.

The lifts were crowded as the shoppers could not use the escalator, and the cordoned-off area "prevented shoppers from moving freely", he added.

Mr Gan, who was at the mall from 7pm to 9.30pm, said that no announcements were made about the leak, and business appeared to go on as usual for other shops.

A spokesman from Jem said that the leak was due to a water backflow from a floortrap from a "tenant's unit on level 3". 

"The water was cleared and investigation is in process," the spokesman said.

Jem has had several such incidents since it opened in mid-2013.

In June last year, diners at the Din Tai Fung restaurant were splashed by waste water from a leaking kitchen waste pipe.

Two months earlier, a salad shop, Saladworks, also on the second floor, was flooded when a blocked waste pipe caused a backflow of water into the store.

In June 2014, sprinklers on the third floor of the mall were triggered unexpectedly, damaging shop goods and forcing some tenants to close for the day.