All three lifts at People's Park Complex break down, forcing some to climb 30 floors

People's Park Complex (in green).
People's Park Complex (in green). PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - An unfortunate series of lift breakdowns at People's Park Complex forced some residents to climb 30 floors back to their homes, reported Shin Min Daily News on Tuesday (Nov 15).

All three lifts at the 31-storey complex broke down on Monday (Nov 14) afternoon at around 1.30pm, according to the Chinese newspaper.

One resident who was interviewed by Shin Min said two of the lifts were unoperational when she arrived at the complex that afternoon.

She then took the third lift, which was still operating at the time. Upon reaching the 15th floor, however, the doors of the lift were unable to close and became unresponsive.

After waiting for two minutes, she decided to climb the stairs of the remaining 14 floors to her apartment.

The building's management told Shin Min that the lifts often break down as they have been in operation for a long time.

Technicians were sent to repair the lifts, and one lift was back in operation quickly, it added.

The management also said it conducts regular maintenance checks on the lifts and technicians are on standby throughout the day in case of a breakdown.