All in the family with Singtel

Look no further for affordable phone plans that make up the perfect blend of convenience and reliability for everyone at home

Finding the right mobile plan is easy thanks to Singtel's range of options that are perfect for anyone. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

There are endless choices to make in life but surely you can live with one less.

Like which telecommunications provider you should sign up with.

With so many options available right now, it's only natural to go for the ones that give the most bang for your buck. But the hunt for the perfect plan can be time-consuming.

So ditch the fuss and make your life easier by having all your mobile needs under one roof.

Singtel already ticks all those boxes when it comes to bundling your services - its Singtel Circle package offers great benefits such as discounted mobile plans, annual handset upgrade waivers and free local data on Sundays, if you have Singtel mobile, fibre broadband and television services in your household.

So, when it comes to your mobile phone, you can expect the same breadth of options available, and then some.

If you're looking for a secondary phone line for yourself or your child, it makes sense to fall back on Singapore's fastest and widest network - Singtel. Not to mention dependable and reliable too, like how family should be.

Singtel has the right plans for everyone, regardless of their mobile needs. So if all you're doing is texting friends or streaming music on Spotify, there's a perfect package that will fit your needs and budget just fine.

The ultimate plan with data, devices & entertainment

Data, talk time, SMS and free entertainment. XO plans have it all. PHOTO: SINGTEL

If you want a mobile plan with huge data, phone subsidies, decent talk time and SMS, plus free entertainment, you can consider Singtel's XO mobile plans. All three XO plans come with free unlimited weekend data for a 24-month contract period and beyond, on top of the respective data plans.

Ease of flexibility

Get more for less with GOMO. PHOTO: SINGTEL

Do you want maximum value for minimum cost? Then you've come to the right place. GOMO (Get Out More Often) is an all-digital product powered by Singtel. It offers simple no-contract, SIM-only plans designed to let you browse and stream to your heart's content.

For $20 a month, you get 20GB of data, 200 minutes of talk time and 200 free SMS. Plus, staples like caller ID and incoming calls are free. What's more, you can enjoy GOMO Gifts which are refreshed quarterly. The longer you stay, the more GOMO exclusive deals you get! The current promotions include 50 per cent off mains at The Drunken Poet and Meat & Malts, and a 1-for-1 deal on signature cocktails at Jekyll & Hyde.

The best part? GOMO has no bill shock or excess charges, so you won't be charged more if you have maxed out your bundle's 20GB allowance. If you need more, simply add 10GB for $10 anytime. GOMO plans are valid for 30 days and will be automatically renewed thereafter, giving you a hassle-free mobile experience.

Value for money

More affordability is available with Singtel's SIM Only plans. PHOTO: SINGTEL

If you have ever been halfway through your two-year mobile phone contract and want to switch to something better and more affordable, you are not alone. The feeling of being stuck when better options pop up can be frustrating, especially with the high cost of breaking a contract.

For more affordability on a shorter plan, you can check out Singtel's three 12-month SIM Only plans at 20GB for $25 a month, 40GB for $46.75 a month, or 70GB for $73.50 a month. All three plans come with 12 months of Entertainment Plus so you can stream your favourite shows anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. Plus, with a 12-month SIM Only plan, you have an option to lease a brand new phone at $0 upfront, so you get both a new phone plus a large data plan!

Sharing is caring

Share the love. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Getting a secondary phone line can be useful in many situations, like keeping your work contacts separate, or getting a phone for your child for the first time.

But deciding on an entirely new plan may be tedious and expensive. This is where Singtel MobileShare steps in to offer a fuss-free way to get a new number. You'll be able to share your existing mobile plan, tap on your current data (includes any data add-ons like DATA X INFINITY), share talk time and SMS allowances, and register up to three mobile numbers under MobileShare. Plus, you get an additional 1GB data per month for every MobileShare line added.

Monitoring your usage will be easier than ever, so you can keep an eye on your business usage. Or check if your child has been watching too much YouTube again.

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