Alibaba reiterates that ezbuy's activities are 'clear breach' of rules

Singapore-based online retailer ezbuy has accused Chinese giant Alibaba of bullying. PHOTO: EZBUY.SG

SINGAPORE - Alibaba Group, the parent of Chinese e-commerce giant Taobao, reiterated its stance that ezbuy broke its rules, as the spat between the two companies shows no sign of abating.

Alibaba reissued a statement it published last week, with a spokesman saying Alibaba wanted to bring attention to its official position on the issue.

Its official statement had said that it takes action against businesses which violate the rules of the platform. It said: "ezbuy has admitted that in the past month alone, it has attempted to use over 1,000 accounts to buy items on Taobao with the same delivery addresses and then resell the items for a profit. That is in clear breach of our platform rules."

ezbuy's co-founder Wendy Liu, however, dug in, telling The Straits Times on Friday (Dec 22) that the firm had not broken any rules as they were simply doing what other firms did in the "daigou" industry, referring to the practice of buying goods on other people's behalf.

"ezbuy is trying to provide a convenient and value-added service to Singaporeans who want to make their favourite purchases on Taobao. On top of looking after the individual consumers, we are also creating an additional channel for Taobao sellers to take in more orders."

She added: "We see this as a win-win situation and don't understand the rationale of blocking 30,000 additional orders for the Taobao sellers."

The Chinese e-commerce giant said previously that when it identifies those who "break" these rules, it will respond with measures such as freezing or permanently closing their accounts. This was what Alibaba did to ezbuy earlier this month, leaving the company with a backlog of unfulfilled orders.

Alibaba, in turn, called ezbuy a "scalper" for buying items and reselling them at a profit.

On Thursday, ezbuy took issue with being called a "scalper" and put out a statement to defend itself and explain its business practices.

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