Adorable cats in Singapore that have become Internet sensations

Cats in Singapore that have won the Internet and our hearts with their antics.
Cats in Singapore that have won the Internet and our hearts with their antics.PHOTO: SCREENGRABS FROM YOUTUBE

Cats are somehow always in the news and all over the Internet.

In Britain, the residence of the Prime Minister has an official mouser named Larry, whose role is to catch rats and look cute. Even when the Prime Minister resigned after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Larry remained.

Then there's the whole Grumpy Cat furore that's been going on for years with no sign of dying down, which is simply just another instance of people in this world uniting over grumpiness, a phenomenon prevalent in the (infamous) year that was 2016.

Closer to home, there are also cute, furry felines that have won the Internet and our hearts, with their "a-meow-sing" antics.

1. Bukit Gombak MRT station cat

The MRT station is located near the picturesque Little Guilin, but something else might "cat-ch" your attention.

The brown cat with dark stripes got famous on social media in August last year, after a video by Mothership showed it lazing around the station as if it owns the place.

It lay on the gantry and slept, even as people tapped in and out, and sat in the middle of the pathway without a care in the world.

The Straits Times understands it is not an employee of SMRT.

However, it apparently does help the station staff chase birds away.

2. Holland Village lazy cat

If you're still not "feline" it, then here's another adorable lazy cat to distract you from all things bad in the world.

Facebook user Adrianna Tan posted a photo on Monday (Jan 9) showing three bus drivers and two elderly residents gathering around a grey community cat that's sprawled out on the ground at Holland Drive, blissfully oblivious to the attention it was getting.

According to Ms Tan, its admirers considered rubbing its tummy. Well, who could resist petting such a cute squishy thing?

3. Yew Tee socks cat

The cat got famous after a photo of it squatting ridiculously like a rabbit on a ledge in a HDB block in Yew Tee, circulated on social media in November last year.

It had been posted on Instagram by user foldpaper.

The feline is allegedly a community cat named Socks, for very obvious reasons.

While it is brown with dark stripes, its underside and paws are all white. So it actually really looks like it's wearing socks to warm its paws, like it warms our hearts.

4. Queenstown mosque cat

In February last year, Stomper Afzal sent in a video of an oatmeal-coloured cat in Mujahidin Mosque in Queenstown, drinking water from a tap.

It was standing on its hind legs, with its front legs on a railing, which really seemed like an "im-paws-sible" feat.

The feline, apparently a resident cat of the mosque and has been around for a long time, was quenching its thirst in the ablution area.

5. Ang Mo Kio kitten rescued from ledge

Of course, how could we "fur-get" about the kitten that was rescued from a ledge 12-storeys up in October?


The adorable kitten was stranded on a ledge in Block 245, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, and a SPCA Singapore rescue officer had to lean out of the window and grab it with a leash affixed to a pole.

Meanwhile, two police officers waited on the ground with an open blanket in case the poor kitten fell down.

The minute-long video went viral and SPCA used it to advise pet owners to secure doors and windows.

We hope the cat also learnt its lesson.