Nearly 9kg of cannabis seized, enough to feed addiction of 1,250 abusers for a week

A total of 8,753g of cannabis and 463g of heroin were seized in an operation on March 30, 2022. PHOTO: CNB
Cannabis wrapped in gold foil recovered from a Malaysian man in Beach Road (left) and from his residence. PHOTOS: CNB

SINGAPORE - A total of 8,753g of cannabis and 463g of heroin, worth about $295,000, were seized during an operation by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on Wednesday (March 30).

CNB officers also arrested a 35-year-old Malaysian man for suspected drug trafficking offences, CNB said in a statement on Thursday.

This quantity of cannabis can feed the addiction of about 1,250 abusers for a week, while the heroin can feed the addiction of about 220 abusers for the same period, the bureau said.

On Wednesday afternoon, CNB officers arrested the man in the vicinity of Beach Road, and 4,876g of cannabis was recovered from him. He was escorted to his residence in the vicinity of Queensway, where 3,877g of cannabis and 463g of heroin were found and seized.

Cannabis is an illegal drug in Singapore. It is addictive, and its use can produce several harmful effects, such as irreversible brain damage, brain volume reduction and serious mental/psychiatric illnesses, said Superintendent Aaron Tang, the director CNB's intelligence division.

"The drug seizures in this operation serve as a reminder of our firm zero-tolerance approach towards drugs, including cannabis." he added.

"Beyond their physical effects, illicit drugs exact a heavy price on our families and communities. Livelihoods are lost, relationships are destroyed, and families are broken."

In order to protect society from the harm of drugs, CNB will continue to enforce strict laws against the trafficking, possession, consumption and import or export of illicit drugs, said Supt Tang.

The bureau will also not let up on its enforcement efforts to arrest drug abusers who purchase drugs from syndicates.

Any person found guilty of trafficking more than 500g of cannabis or 15g of pure heroin (diamorphine) may face the mandatory death penalty.

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