A Little Somebody (Ep 4): Young coding talent designs his own games

Most children have their eyes glued to the computer screen because of online games For 9-year-old Jake Tan, it is not to play but to design them.

SINGAPORE - Most children have their eyes glued on the computer screen because of online games nowadays, but for Jake, it is not for playing.

Jake is only nine years old, but he is already designing his own computer games. Even though he goes to an advance coding class meant for older students, he aces these classes with ease. 

Asked if it is too early to let his son learn coding, Jake's father, who is an IT engineer himself, thinks Jake should have started at an even younger age. 

Last year, Jake designed and coded a voice controlled game for his father as a birthday gift. This time round in "A Little Somebody", Jake receives the challenge to design and code a more complex mobile game for his younger brother. 

Will he succeed? Get the answer and more in this episode of "A Little Somebody". 

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“A Little Somebody”(我是小某某) is one of 10 SPH-produced short form digital video series as part of a pilot Public Service Broadcast initiative. In this 13-part series, children between the age of 7 and 12 are given the opportunity to showcase their talent in different fields. While encouraging the young to pursue their interests, this series also hopes to inspire viewers to continue learning in life. 
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