8kg catfish hooked by angler at Rochor Canal

Mr Rosman Mohd caught an 8kg catfish at the Rochor Canal on May 20, 2017. PHOTOS: ROSMAN MOHD
Mr Rosman said it was the largest catfish he has ever caught in the canal. PHOTO: ROSMAN MOHD
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SINGAPORE - A Singapore angler caught a large catfish in the Rochor Canal which weighed 8kg.

Mr Rosman Mohd, 45, said he struggled with the fish for 30 minutes on Saturday before hooking it.

He told The Straits Times it was the biggest fish he has ever caught in Singapore. He said that catfish in the canal are normally just around 3 to 4kg.

They used a fish net to scoop the fish, which measured at least 50cm, he told Shin Min Daily News.

A crowd gathered after the fish was netted, and a foreign worker asked to buy it from him. Mr Rosman gave the fish to him, he said.

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