6 videos, memes to spread safe distancing message and bring cheer amid Covid-19 pandemic


SINGAPORE - As countries across the world implement measures to flatten the curve of Covid-19 infections, some netizens, many unidentified, are using music, dance and memes to spread the safe distancing message and bring cheer amid the pandemic.

Here are The Straits Times' picks. Share them with your family and friends on social media, but keep your distance.

1. 10 people, one metre, one Singapore

Bloggers Lee Kin Mun, better known as mrbrown, and Benjamin Miyagi Lee team up for this twist of the 2010 National Day hit: One People, One Nation, One Singapore.

Both filming from their own homes, the pair sing couplets like "And when the time comes for the test/ we work from home but never rest" and "Cinema and makan place/ kena close and contact trace".

2. Social distancing for all


In these pictures, even animals - both dead and alive - heed the Government's advice to keep a safe distance.

3. Stay home or stay in a photo frame


While hilarious, the comparison also highlights the importance of safe distancing measures by brusquely noting the consequences of being hospitalised with Covid-19, and dying as a result of being infected.

4. Only I and U can break the virus chain


This simple meme drives home how individuals can break the chain of coronavirus transmission.

5. "Dettol on the rocks"


Some have joked that while Dettol is for external wounds, whisky helps ease internal pain.

The unknown creator of this picture takes the joke a step further as entertainment outlets across the country shut for one month from Thursday at 11.59pm.

Readers should not take this "Dettol on the rocks" drink too literally. Do not consume such a concoction.

6. Dancing at 30,000 feet

Six students flying from New Zealand to Singapore in the last Singapore Airlines flight out of the country perform a waiata, or Maori song, to thank the cabin crew. They are students of classical ballet or contemporary dance at the New Zealand School of Dance in Wellington.

"We shared our school's waiata to thank the amazing cabin crew that took such a small group of us home over 10 hours, in what they said was a rescue flight, and the last one by Singapore Airlines out of NZ," the students said in a statement.

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