520 million steps, red and white car light-up: 6 unique ways planned to mark National Day 2017

Companies and government agencies have come up with some unique ways to celebrate this year's National Day.
Companies and government agencies have come up with some unique ways to celebrate this year's National Day.PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/AUTOBAHN, FACEBOOK/LEE HSIEN LOONG, ST FILE, GRAB

SINGAPORE - National Day celebrations are in full swing, and flags have already gone up all around the island on homes, buildings and streets.

This year, companies and government agencies have come up with some unique ways to mark the Republic's 52nd birthday.

Here is a look at some of them.

1. Red and white cars light up at Autobahn Motors building

At 8pm on Tuesday (Aug 8), red and white cars will be lit up at Autobahn Motors (ABM) building at 20 Jalan Kilang to celebrate Singapore's 52nd birthday.

The building, which began operations in December last year, is known for its giant display case full of diecast toy cars, touted as the world's largest "vending machine" for cars.

2. Take 520 million collective steps as a nation

For National Day, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) wants Singaporeans to walk - a total of 520 million steps collectively, to be precise.

The challenge is a special edition of the National Steps Challenge, which HPB started in 2015 to encourage participants to sit less and move more.

Those interested in taking part in the challenge must download the Healthy 365 mobile application and sign up for the challenge, which runs from Aug 11 to 18.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday said he will be taking part.

"In celebration of #SG52, HPB is asking all Singaporeans to collectively clock 520 million steps," he wrote. "It seems a huge number, but the more of us join in, the easier it will be to achieve. And we all get some exercise in the process."

3. Happy port-day, Singapore: PSA

Shipping containers at PSA wharf arranged as a birthday greeting to mark Singapore's 52nd birthday. PHOTO: ST FILE

Port operator PSA has put up a formation of shipping containers spelling out a birthday message to Singapore at Tanjong Pagar Terminal.

The message at the oldest container terminal in Singapore can be seen from an aerial view and will be lit up at night for two hours from 8pm daily until Aug 11.

The 83 containers are placed to form the words: "Happy B'Day SG".

About 30 PSA staff were involved in the planning and execution of the formation, which was set up last weekend in less than five hours.

4. Carpool for a greener National Day

Uber started a social media campaign with the hashtag #NationalPoolDay to rally Singapore to carpool for a greener National Day.

The campaign, launched two weeks ago on Uber Singapore's Facebook page, drew support from Grab, Tower Transit Singapore and bicycle-sharing companies Mobike Singapore and oBike Singapore, Uber said in a statement.

"This National Day, leave your car at home. Share your journey with friends and family using uberPOOL and get 52 per cent off your rides," wrote Uber in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

It also gave a maximum discount of $5.20 per ride with the code MAJULAH52, valid from 6am to 11.59pm on National Day, with conditions.

5. Get durian from Grab for National Day


For the third year in a row, ride-hailing firm Grab is delivering durians via its app for National Day.

Grab users can order Mao Shan Wang durians on the app, and they will be delivered by #GrabDurian drivers to customers' doorsteps.

Regular users can order using GrabPay on Aug 13. Payment must be made using GrabPay, which charges one's debit or credit card.

Platinum users can apply to redeem durians using reward points on Aug 10, but the delivery will be done only on Aug 12. Only those successful in their applications will be notified to fill in delivery details.

6. PM Lee's online contest - prize is an invite to his rally

PM Lee on July 26 launched an online contest with personal invitations to the National Day Rally as the prize.

Interested participants were told to send a photo of a smart device or program that improved their lives, and describe why. Alternatively, they could write about how Singapore can become a smart nation.

Winners would be invited to the rally, held at ITE College Central on Aug 20, as PM Lee's social media guests.