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Person counting US dollar bills
US dollar, energy and gold: What to know about currencies and commodities

UOB's Heng Koon How answers some of your key questions on currencies and commodities, including energy prices and gold.

Young investors can consider digital investing platforms
Whether you're aged 20 or 50, here's how you can start investing amid uncertainty

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What to know before buying a new property, or refinancing your home loan

Mr Lim Beng Hua, UOB’s head of secured loans, answers your key questions about rising mortgage rates in Singapore.

UOB's Jacquelyn Tan is one of the experts providing financial advice in new series
Concerned about inflation? Experts help ease your biggest money concerns in new series

Wealth expert Ms Jacquelyn Tan is among those who will tackle your burning questions about money in a new advice series

Invest for today, tomorrow and beyond

With Singaporeans living longer, recurring income through retirement is no longer feasible in the long run