The candidates: Workers’ Party

Workforce issues take priority

WP candidate, Mr Gurmit Singh s/o Sadhu Singh
WP candidate, Mr Gurmit Singh s/o Sadhu SinghPHOTO: THE WORKERS' PARTY

Gurmit Singh, 55

Occupation: Head of the legal department at a real estate company

Family: Married to a 51-year-old bank employee. They have a daughter, 25, and a son, 22.

Education: Bachelor of Laws from the University of London, graduate diplomas in legal practice from the University of Western Australia and College of Law, and a graduate diploma in legal studies from the University of New England

Hobbies: Swimming and going to the gym

Why politics?

I've been quite keen on politics since the 1980s. I attended rallies then, when I was in my 20s. Even then, I felt a pull to the opposition. I feel it's good to have alternative views. That's how I slowly drifted to the Workers' Party.

Why you?

At my age now, as head of a legal department, I know the struggles. I came up the hard way. And I know people out there who were struggling with me, and who are still struggling because of a fear of retirement and other employment issues. I want to give professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) like them a voice.

What issues will you focus on?

One is employment priority for Singapore employees and the other is low-wage workers. (People) here are willing to work, and they don't expect handouts, but they should be paid enough for a normal standard of living in Singapore.

Favourite spot in Singapore?

My neighbourhood coffee shop in Tampines. That's where you meet friends and neighbours... You pick up more about life there than anywhere else.

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