Singapore GE2020: Safe distancing rules to follow during campaign season

The People's Action Party's Zaqy Mohamad (left) and Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan on their walkabouts on June 26, 2020. The public has been advised to avoid physical contact with candidates. ST PHOTOS: DESMOND WEE, KHALID BABA

SINGAPORE - As election season hots up, there is a greater need for people to observe safe distancing rules, especially when they encounter candidates on the campaign trail.

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, in a statement on Friday (June 26), listed these measures for the public to follow when supporting candidates as well as when they meet them on their walkabouts and door-to-door visits.

If they should encounter candidates on a walkabout, people are advised to keep a 1m distance from others, for example, when interacting with the candidates, or queuing for campaigning items.

They should also avoid physical contact with candidates and their supporters. This includes shaking hands and greetings with physical contact, such as fist bumps or high fives.

The public should also wear a face mask when interacting with candidates and avoid following or crowding around the candidates and their supporters.

Photographs can be taken but this should be done while maintaining at least a 1m distance and with a mask on.

When interacting with candidates on their door-to-door visits, residents should also keep 1m away from the candidates on their doorsteps and wear a mask.

Similar to the advice when encountering candidates on walkabouts, physical contact should be avoided.

Residents can invite candidates into their homes, but a limit of five visitors applies. This includes any other guests who may already be in their homes. Candidates, their supporters and residents should also continue to wear masks when inside the home.

The public are also warned against gathering around the Nomination Centre during nomination proceedings to avoid crowds forming.

They are encouraged to watch party political broadcasts, constituency political broadcasts and online rallies at home.

Safe distancing ambassadors and safe distancing enforcement officers will be on the ground, and the public is asked to cooperate with them.

"For the health and safety of everyone, it is paramount that political parties, candidates and members of the public abide by the above safe distancing and safe management measures. Everyone can do their part in ensuring a safe GE for all," the ministry said.

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