On the ground in Aljunied GRC

Aljunied GRC MP and Workers' Party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang (right) meets Kaki Bukit residents during a Sunday walkabout.
Aljunied GRC MP and Workers' Party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang (right) meets Kaki Bukit residents during a Sunday walkabout.ST PHOTO: CHONG ZI LIANG

This week's Insight feature on Aljunied GRC is the start of a series of constituency reports that give snapshots of the political situation on the ground across the island as the General Election draws closer.

Over the coming weeks, Insight will report on the situation in each of the 15 group representation constituencies (GRCs) and the 12 single-member constituencies.

Should new electoral boundaries be announced - a precursor to the elections being called - we will take a closer look at the new constituencies.

The GE must be called by January 2017 but it is shaping up to be sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile over the last few weeks, Insight spoke to MPs and their likely contenders, as well as 100 residents of Aljunied GRC, for their views on the situation in the first opposition-held constituency.

What burning issues and concerns do voters there have?


They want to know if it's different living in an opposition GRC. Whether things have changed since the  last election... But what is there to tell? The void decks are  still swept and the rubbish is cleared.

MADAM LILY HO, 58, a resident of Bedok Reservoir-Punggol division, on what her friends often ask her

How have the MPs been working the ground?

How will voters decide come Polling Day?

Will WP be able to build on its work there to extend its reach further to another GRC?

Or will the concerns flagged by government leaders over integrity and conflict of interest in the handling of town council funds cause voters to think twice about the opposition party?

Insight brings you the talk on the ground in Aljunied GRC, the hottest electoral ticket and the likely arena for one of the most closely watched contests in the coming elections.

Today, Insight kicks off the first in a series of constituency reports ahead of the impending General Election.

Can WP hold Aljunied as PAP fights to regain it?

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