Singapore GE2020: Seeking to build a 'better and fairer' nation

Memorabilia of the Reform Party, which wants a change in the economic model. ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN
Memorabilia of the Reform Party, which wants a change in the economic model. ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN


Campaign manager (Volunteers)

My fellow Singaporeans

I hope this broadcast finds you safe and well, coming as it does in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are facing the worst economic crisis since independence. Many of you have lost your jobs or businesses already and there will be more job losses to come. The Government has dropped the ball on this one but we can recover.

Reform Party is fighting this election under the slogan "Build Back Better, Fairer" .

When we build our recovery we face a choice. Continue as before with a system that works for an elite few while the majority struggle or change and build back a Singapore that is better for all and fairer in every sense.

Reform Party wants to see substantial government spending now to combat the immediate economic effects of the crisis but also a lasting change in the economic model since independence. There should be an end to the cruel policy of austerity. We want vastly improved social safety nets; universal health care, cash payments to families, a seniors pension and a minimum wage.

We can afford this. Our plans are costed. You can find the details and watch us discuss our manifesto live on video, on our website and our blue tick-verified Facebook and Twitter pages

Standing for the honour to publicly serve Singaporeans is the highest patriotic duty. We show our love for Singapore best by holding the Government to account through an efficient opposition in Parliament. Checks and balances from the opposition are a positive contribution.

Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam is good with numbers and tenacious in pursuit of accountability and he is equally diligent working through your problems at the individual and community level. All of our candidates bring skills that will make them good and dedicated constituency MPs. We will also be a safe pair of hands to manage your Town Council.


This is the first election when you don't have to go out to vote. But if you want to see positive change, then it is imperative that you come out to vote. When voting is not compulsory Every single vote matters.

On 10 July, take the first step in building back better, fairer. Vote for the Reform Party.

Watch the broadcast here.

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