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Ruling party scores over 70% in four single seats

Mr Cedric Foo (left) retained Pioneer for the PAP, while Hong Kah North voters gave their MP Amy Khor another term.
Mr Cedric Foo (above) retained Pioneer for the PAP, while Hong Kah North voters gave their MP Amy Khor another term.ST PHOTOS: KEVIN LIM, SEAH KWANG PENG
Mr Cedric Foo retained Pioneer for the PAP, while Hong Kah North voters gave their MP Amy Khor (above) another term.
Mr Cedric Foo retained Pioneer for the PAP, while Hong Kah North voters gave their MP Amy Khor (above) another term.

The People's Action Party (PAP) swept four single-seat wards in the west and another in Central Singapore.

Incumbents in Mountbatten, Hong Kah North, Pioneer and Yuhua single-member constituencies (SMCs) all romped home with more than 70 per cent of the vote, and in Bukit Panjang, with 68.4 per cent.

It was clear from early on that things were going well for the ruling party's candidates. Barely an hour after counting started islandwide, sample counts showed the PAP leading strongly with at least 69 per cent of votes in all the five SMCs.

In Yuhua, Minister Grace Fu, 51, retained her seat with a resounding 73.5 per cent win. She beat opponent Jaslyn Go, 43, from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) while chalking up a solid improvement from her 2011 showing, when her 66.8 per cent vote share made her one of the PAP's top performers.

Ms Fu, who has unveiled a five-year plan for the ward, called the result both an endorsement and a reflection of the responsibility placed on her shoulders.

"This shows our efforts to reach out to residents have paid off but it also reminds us of a lot of work that is ahead of us, and we will continue to work very very hard to serve the residents to the best of our abilities and to do as much as possible to reach out and to connect with the residents," she said.

Supporter Ong Eng Joon, 55, said he has found Ms Fu to be someone who delivers on her promises, adding that she has made improvements to the estate.

"The area has changed a lot in the past years, with lift upgrading and more facilities like parking spaces," he said.

Pioneer was another early win for the PAP, with incumbent Cedric Foo beating the National Solidarity Party's Elvin Ong by garnering 76.3 per cent of the vote.

Mr Foo, 55, who has been the ward's MP for 14 years, told reporters at Jurong West Stadium that the numbers showed residents recognise his team's efforts. He said that over the past four years, he and his team have done more for the young, improved facilities and organised activities to bring neighbours together.

"What is most fulfilling for me is to be able to reach out to needy families," he said.

In Hong Kah North, Dr Amy Khor, 57, took 74.8 per cent of the votes, almost three times more than her rival Ravi Philemon, 47, from the Singapore People's Party (SPP). Dr Khor improved on her 2011 result of 70.6 per cent, which made her the PAP's top scorer in that election.

"I want to pledge to continue to do my utmost to fulfil all my election promises and to work together with all of you to build an even better, more vibrant and more caring Hong Kah North," she told supporters at Jurong West Stadium.

In Mountbatten, Mr Lim Biow Chuan, 52, won 71.8 per cent of the vote against the SPP's Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss, 52.

Mr Lim, the ward's MP for nine years, said the result validates the work the PAP has done in the area, but added that there is more to do immediately.

"We have a whole list of things we are looking into. During the election campaign we received several requests from residents. We will compile them and see what we can do together to make Mountbatten a better place for all residents," he told The Straits Times.

Supporter Bryant Ng, who took leave from work to help Mr Lim campaign, said the MP has always been attentive to residents' needs.

"He will get contacts of residents and get agencies and grassroots leaders to resolve issues. He reacts very fast to help residents," he said.

In Bukit Panjang, Dr Teo Ho Pin, 55, garnered 68.4 per cent of the vote - more than double the share received by his opponent, the SDP's Khung Wai Yeen, 33.

Dr Teo, the ward's MP for 19 years, said the PAP's track record there speaks for itself.

"My residents know that I've laid out plans for them and these plans are relevant to their future needs. There are 30 per cent (of voters) who are still not very pleased with certain things. I'd like to hear from them, so we can see how we can improve their lives," he said.

• Additional reporting by Chong Koh Ping, Carolyn Khew, Adrian Lim and Yeo Sam Jo.

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