Parliament: Higher cash allowance for those on Public Assistance

SINGAPORE - From July, Singaporeans who are unable to work and support themselves will get a higher cash allowance under the Public Assistance scheme.

A one-person household will receive $500 per month, up from the current $450, and a two-person household will get $870 per month, up from the current $790.

These details were announced on Tuesday (April 12) during the debate on the Ministry of Social and Family Development's Budget.

About 3,800 households, mostly elderly households, are expected get the increment.


Announcing the increase, Associate Professor Faishal Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development, said: "This is to keep pace with the cost of living."

Those on Public Assistance - also known as ComCare Long Term Assistance - are Singaporeans who cannot work due to old age, illness or disability. They also have little or no means of income and family support.

Apart from the cash allowance, Public Assistance also includes assistance for recurring expenses such as medical consumables and household appliances, and free medical treatment at public hospitals and polyclinics.